Scrolling signs is a multi-image advertising or information billboard designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. Using only the finest materials, our scrolling signs are made to score high degrees of quality, reliability and safety. Our elegant indoor models are neat and light and can be easily installed in all kinds of places.Our outdoor models are designed to operate reliably in all weather conditions

User-friendliness is also an important feature with which poster preparation and installation have been made remarkably simple and easy.


  • Especial design for control system.
  • Both indoor and outdoor models available.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Up to 15 posters on each system.
  • Display time of each poster from 1 to 99 seconds.
  • Steady and smooth poster movement.
  • Multiple cross-protection logic for high reliability.
  • Easy to replace posters.
  • Low cost and high return.
  • Custom sizes are available.
  • The bran-new design and high technology;
  • Steady and excellence performance;
  • Operate the up/donw motors manually in reverse directions independently